slowly, hesitantly, (y/n) walks up to the prince before her, her eyes looking to the ground, her hands folded in front of her. Smut Masterlist BTS Snapchat Imaginations Kim Seokjin: -a few snaps of Jin being a pervert. Valentines Day 2018 Masterlist-Soulmate Series: Masterlist ★ → This Masterlist was huge, so I decided to separate the Fandoms so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Wattpad!Caught in Your Eyes Masterlist – Billy Hargrove. Masterlist Anaheim Ducks Rickard Rakell - Gynecologist Arizona Coyotes Jason Demers - Pillows in the Bathtub Lawson Crouse - I Have Questions Michael Latta - Baby and Brobeans Boston Bruins Adam A Masterlist of all my imagines/oneshots/etc as well as other masterlists. I’m sorry to say that I will no longer be posting smuts/imagines because I no longer have time to write. he’s actually super smart and gets straight A’s despite getting in trouble at school a lot for acting out. Including m/m, m/f, or f/f. |--- Imagine Requests are OPEN! MASTERLIST IMAGINES Don’t Look! My Milkshake One of Those Days Sunday Drives Jellybean’s Misfortune Library Crush I Can’t Lose You Too Panicking And Flirting Stay Shirt snatching Bitter Sweet The New Masterlist *=smut!=series. June 18, 2017 MASTERLIST. um I love to roller skate, which is @redhoodshood Masterlist. | masterlists . Henry attends an award show while you stay at home with your son 2. MASTERLIST One Shots You watch One Direction x factor videos together Harry has a nightmare You see a picture of Harry holding a baby and realize you want a baby with him Harry comforts you after you > BBMAs MASTERLIST > SPOOKY MASTERLIST > FAIRYTALE SMUT MASTERLIST BEAUTY AND THE BEAST ( jjk ). NSFW content is tagged as such. 『 Masterlist 』a/n: please feel free to let me know if a link isn’t working! ⠌。 Kpop Imagines. _____ Stranger Things Imagines: Originally posted by lynchoid. I give advice & write imagines when I want to. World of Grey MASTERLIST curiosity smut (ashton series) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 • Tee Shirt inspired imagine – Ashton Irwin • Part 2 of tee shirt Merman Ashton Merman Ashton – Part 2 Merman Luke Merman Luke (Part Masterlist • Series • Imagines • Reactions • MTL’s • K-Dance Squad OCs • Imagines • Reactions • MTL’s • Imagines • Reactions • MTL’s *COMING SOON* Aug 13, 2019 · Masterlist - Masterlist UPDATED: August 13, 2019. Series: Watched (Completed) A New Chapter (Completed) Daddy Harry (Completed) (still working on the links) Be With Me So Happily (Completed) Are We Friends or Are We More? Masterlist Got7 Reactions Got7 Imagines Most To Least Categories/One Or The Other Texts/Snaps Aesthetic/Mood Boards Drabble Game #1 Mark JB Jackson Jinyoung Youngjae Bam Bam Yugyeom MOBILE MASTERLIST I’ve written a lot since I’ve last updated this and though I still have a lot of requests, I’m going to update this now anyways… As of August 28, 2018… ~ = TRIGGER WARNING * = SEXUAL Masterlist Avenged Sevenfold Your Future is Set Forever (Zacky Vengeance) Celebrity All This and Heaven Too (James McAvoy) Bang Bang (Jeremy Renner) Evening Wear (Dave Franco) Every Me Every You Nov 08, 2019 · Masterlist. All requests are open :) Jun 26, 2016 · Masterlist All Posts With Smut Are Marked With Request List can be found here. Requests are always open, and as always, have a great day and be safe. I was wondering if you had a master list so I could find your works more easily (that’s a word right?). Imagine you being the one that was burned by Murphy Immortal-Imagines. Champagne Wishes (SMUT) Afire Love. Still a work in progress. Enjoy! “Aiden” • My Hero “Allison” • Out of Time (coming soon, read the prompt here!) WHY IVE BEEN GONE SO LONG! Okay so I know, I know it’s been actually forever since I have posted or even been on this app. Hospitals. The Lover Series: The series where you’re his ex-girlfriend and see his new girlfriend wearing one of your t-shirts . If you want to request anything, hit me up Imagines from a girl with a big imagination I write Supernatural, Marvel, and Game of Thrones Feel free to ask questions, send requests, or just talk to me in general! :) Requests are open! I also do ships and drabbles With Love, Kat Masterlist. Sep 17, 2018 · works: — for you are my heart, my sweet: Greek myth AU fic where the reader is an immortal being/god/goddess — happily ever after: All you could think about was Jason, and him getting hurt and dying again and just the thought is enough to break you. This is a complete list of the tags for characters that I’ve written about. Originally posted by the-queen-of-lake-ilmen “come here, girl”. What I Read (recommendations) Currently writing for Sons Of Anarchy and Stranger Things. Requested by: Anon. A part of you couldn’t help but to be proud. ( x ) nsfw -Jinnie being horny when you´re out ( x ) Min Yoongi: -Daddy Yoongi Masterlist [MORE]]I DO NOT riverdale imagines jughead jones imagine jughead x reader archie andrews archie andrews x reader veronica lodge betty cooper jughead Masterlist Anaheim Ducks Rickard Rakell - Gynecologist Arizona Coyotes Jason Demers - Pillows in the Bathtub Lawson Crouse - I Have Questions Michael Latta - Baby and Brobeans Boston Bruins Adam Masterlist Requests are open! Prompt List Harry Potter “Fred Weasley ” Tickle Fights Game On Perfect The Mistakes We Make The Mistakes We Make Part 2 The Mistakes We Make Part 3 Follow the Dec 28, 2015 · Masterlist. even if people believe i’m skinny and “pretty” i constantly tear myself down. If you want to request anything, hit me up Prompt: “I need your help to get out of here, I don’t care if I’m ‘better’ or not” w/Anti. Remember I’m Here For You. You had seen what it had done to Thanos— to Bruce. Send me requests for any of the things listed in my 'Themes'. Newt. Masterlist Headcanons, edits, icons, or other non-imagines are marked with * requests are marked with ! Tag ListImagines Asks Ships Requests Picture Edits ImaginesAlex Standall !Bi - Alex comes out as Imagines Masterlist Also See: Fanfictions Masterlist Marvel Tony Stark x Reader Reconstructing Man Like Me Cursed Date Night. Fandoms I Write For // Current Request Count // Writing Schedule SeriesJust Friends [Katsuki Bakugo x Reader] [Texting AU] Imagines (& Some Drabbles)Anne Imagines dedicated to Sebastian Stan and any other man I currently find Painfully Thick™. When you were dragged to the beast’s castle you were expecting to be locked away, not to be greeted by luxury and the mysterious boy who you must sleep with every night - maybe it’s all just part of the curse. A Hamilton Imagine Blog for all characters! Requests are open so ask away! As I, and others, have issues with the masterlist and prompts, here's another like to those. Requests Are CLOSED. • Being a Shapshifter • Getting arrested Harley Quinn • TVD/TO Masterlist The Vampire Diaries SmutKai Parker Smut: • Rulebreaker • First Date • Shower Assistance • Getting Caught Making Out With Kai • Dominant Kai • Curious Fingers - Part Two • A Thousand adam sakler (girls) albert wesker (resident evil) alex (dunkirk) baby (baby driver) bill weasley (harry potter) billy lee (bad times at the el royale) Oct 28, 2016 · Masterlist (The ones with a line through them are a working progress). Never Again (TRIGGER WARNING) Stay With Me. Jimin MASTERLIST CHARACTER TAGS • Akamatsu Kaede • Yonaga Angie • Toujou Kirumi • Yumeno Himiko • Chabashira Tenko • Harukawa Maki • Shirogane Tsumugi • Iruma Miu • Saihara Shuichi • Amami Rantarou • Momota Masterlist PROMPTS Harry: You’re My Future Nightmares Princess’s Don’t Punch The Lone Wolf Just A Bad Day Return to the Isle Part One Part Two Fuck, I Love You (Smut) Don’t Be Mad You Aren’t As Smart masterlist find the mobile masterlist here Arrow Roy Harper Imagine - You get hurt. It was just you, your crush, and four white hospital walls. Masterlist; Ask me anything; Archive Masterlist ORGANIZED BY CHARACTER Jax: Imagine having a fight with Jax about Tara and you let it slip that your fiancé was abusive Imagine your daughter from a previous relationship asking Jax to be Ship! Ask @mcluuvin666: hi can i get a ship from the golden trio era? im very much a hufflepuff. She came to school a bit earlier than usual so she could work on the A Masterlist Blog. masterlist | requests are open! from tumblr, so creds Masterlist Guidelines Gif Imagines Fred Weasley Harry Potter(I dont know if this honestly counts because I did it as a joke) Would Includes Dating Ron and staying at the burrow for winter break would Dec 24, 2017 · Mobile Masterlist. As soon as you saw the guantlet on Tony’s hand, you knew. How to Save a Life. Drabble List Original FicsGrowing Hatred(Shawn Mendes) - On hold until further notice {1} {2} {3} Actors Masterlist Models Masterlist Singers/Musical Artists Peter Parker Imagines Masterlist * is over 1k words IMAGINES- Movie Night + “I love you” - Peter sees you dressed up for the first time - Just Trying To Help * - Teasing and Twister - You’ve Got a Master List Hello all my wonderful lovelies! Below, I have created a Master List to help you all navigate my blog better :) Enjoy… Kylo Ren Imagines Kylo Ren First Kiss Kylo Ren seeing you after he Imagines For Shanks we write imagines and do preferences ^. It’s Complicated Interrupting ‘I Do’ The Demons We Share Tony Stark x Dec 23, 2015 · Tell me about your crush & I will be honest with you 100%. Each fic takes place in a different time period. It’s The Falling In Love Atomic Blonde˗ˏˋGordon Merkelˊ˗ 01. Imagine Bellamy and Murphy fighting over you ♡ Imagine you’re a healer but Bellamy’s always stubborn. Request List. (fluff) Rocks - Reader gets severely hurt while surfing #Masterlist #I did it #im magical #I created my masterlist #it has only one thing #but theres a masterlist #this is magical #Peter Parker imagines #Peter parker #maybe ill go multi fandom one day #for now I'm just spiderman #Spiderman imagines #Spiderman homecoming #Spiderman fanfiction #Peter Parker imagine #tom holland imagines #tom Holland Zayn imagines #1 The one where you leave after a fight and he comes after you #2 The one where you self harm #3 The one where he conquers his fear just to save you #4 The one where you have a paint fight with him #5 The one where he has a sweet moment with your six month old baby #6 Her smile ** #7 When he misses you Masterlist. You take your son to the zoo 3. this is my baby. This is a tribute to the beginning of March, which just so happens to be Women's History Month! there’s always a chance that he missed your posts with the weird “all caught up” thingy on insta that sometimes doesn’t work. Masterlist. Masterlist rules In alphabetical order. I am currently working on a theme that illustrates the beauty of all people. Headings : The tittle of each section is a link to the rules of the Masterlist - 13 Reasons Why Alex Standall Let Me Know Cast Sick At Home Clay Jensen Almost Lost You How Do You Feel Love Triangle Nearly Hannah Baker How To Save A Life *Part 1* *Part 2* Real Threat May 01, 2017 · I’m so sorry everyone, I feel like I just disappeared from tumblr the past couple months. jamaisjoons:. All Oneshots All Imagines All Headcanons All Ships. They can be removed from the list completely. 28/12/2015 A/N: There are many more stories to come, up until now I never realised that scarce amount of imagines/fanfiction/stories that I have written about Ponyboy, Steve, Two Bit and Masterlist♡ (finally i know) ∙ BTS’ Reaction To Your Short Height♡ ∙ BTS as Perks of Being a Wallflower Characters ♡ ∙ BTS’ Reaction to You Falling Asleep On/Next to Them♡ ∙ BTS’ Reaction To You Masterlist Series . Kezia, Elizabeth, and Eeffa here, bringing your plot bunnies to life. Ask or comment anything! Thank you! Hope you enjoy all my stories! III Recent Stories: Amazing Surprises - 1 and Undercover Love - Characters - Undercover Love - Prologue III Masterlist i know richie is a dumbass but i need the people who haven’t read the book to understand that richie is not literally dumb. [part 2] Newt gets drunk at a bonfire and starts hitting on you. Imagine Murphy taking an interest in you (and you’re a grounder) ♡ Imagine being the only one who knew about Octavia except Bellamy. i love her a lot. Imagine Masterlist 1. *I WILL TRY TO POST AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, BUT IT WILL VARY DEPENDING ON MY SCHEDULE* Masterlist Jan 16, 2017 · *We Have Made a New Masterlist tailored to Marvel (including the Marvel/Supernatural series called Innocent) Due to Dwindling Request and Posts Marvel Masterlist Riverdale Masterlist Teen Wolf Masterlist Youtube/Actors Masterlist Crossovers. Obsession 02. Christmas 2018 Masterlist. Enjoy! x REQUEST HERE One Direction: Liam- • Night Changes Louis- none yet :( Niall- • Night Changes Harry- • Halloween with Harry • Stockholm BTS MASTERLIST Reactions BTS reaction to their S/O doing a risqué band performance BTS reaction to Australian wildlife BTS massaging their S/O BTS reaction to their S/O winning a gold medal + breaking https://imagines-for-the-fangirls-soul. NSFW imagines are marked. 16) ORIGINAL: Cuddling (Jamie Benn) I’ll Be Right Here (Anon) Just You (Jamie Benn) Cuddle (Anon) Wreck You (Anon) Anything For You (Anon) Where’s Isaac (Sebastian Stan) I Love You (Jeremy Renner) Caught (Chris Evans) Morning (Tyler Hoechlin) I Like You Too (Anon) First Time (Anon) What Was That (Anon) TEEN WOLF: Stiles MASTERLIST Eric The Almost Fall Making Sure You’re Safe Skipping the Meeting A Walk Home Why Didn’t You Tell Me Just Be More Careful Apologize You’re Wrong Nightmare The Initiate 2 3 4 Sick In BTS Imagines BTS Imagines including Fluff, Smut, Angst, AU. , can fit in the story, unless stated otherwise. Request an imagine and I'll be sure to get to it as soon as possible. Safe and Sound. No More Masterlist Aaron Ramsey The Second Ramsey Amiris Kurdi Stars André Gomes That day André Silva Baby Daddy Perfect Boyfriend Looks Like Strong Ones The Game Make It Better Strong Going To Be Full Masterlist 1D Imagines. Originally posted by irebelcaptain. Some imagines at the bottom of the lists are old and from when I Masterlist Not sure what fandoms I write for? Check here xx The 100: Bellamy Blake - No Chance ‘Privileged’ Masterlist Peaky Blinders: Tommy Shelby - Whizz-Bang. he’s literally a genius in math. Falsified Feelings. Thank you can you give me more advice about how ı know he has intrest like in a more friendly way thanks again Masterlist (Listed In Alphabetical Order by Fandoms) Arrow˗ˏˋAdrian Chaseˎˊ˗ 01. Click on any of the words below to see what there is) Any masterlist Last updated on December 28, 2019. I haven’t had any time to write between sports, summer assignments, my new job, and keeping healthy relationships with friends and family. Request box will always be open Here. The Knowing. Blog Made 5/27/17 This is an Imagines-Blog for various fandoms. Stranger Things. Masterlist Cassian Andor Headcanons Chris Evans A Magical Place Popcorn Cole Sprouse Better If I Show You (Part 1) (Part 2) Grant Gustin Holidays Jealousy Showtime What have you done?! Fanfiction Masterlist KOFI - WATTPAD - AO3 • All My Writing • Gif Imagines Masterlist • Imagines Masterlist // Part 2 • Preferences Masterlist • Scenarios Masterlist • Drabbles Masterlist • Headcanons masterlist. Billy Hargrove Imagines: Originally posted At long last, here is my masterlist! Note for my Supernatural re write: There will be a separate Masterlist for each season after the finale:) I would recommend maybe opening my prompt list in another tab, as there are a few prompt fics here and there. Forever. (fluff) Safety and love - Reader has her period when she is sleeping over at Tom’s. I had my birthday, vaction, then my dog had surgery, ive been going through some emtional stuff. i have wavy brown hair w brown eyes and i occasionally wear my glasses but rarely because i’m very insecure about how i look and i have a hard time being able to love myself. Lonely Heart . we hope that you have the best day ever filled with laughter and love! we purple you ♡ Feb 05, 2017 · GIF IMAGINES: Imagine being Kane’s Daughter. Negan Series (TWD - Negan Imagine) To shortly explain it: It starts with the final scene of season 6, from that point on it orientates on the shows storyline, so there’s a part for each episode and even if it’s a series it’s written the way that you can read every part without having read any other one! 12 Days of Bangtan. Edits & imagines master list Stranger things Masterlist Fantastic beasts and where to Masterlist RFA w/MC who can sing RFA(+V&Unknown) w/MC coming home drunk RFA helping MC with hw/studying RFA(+V&Unknown) playing horror games w/MC RFA w/Kpop dancer MC RFA w/MC who is scared of MasterList Cameron Dallas Imagines Jealous much? -Ship- Raising the temperature Confused Hate Promise Nash Grier Imagines Surprise The Mad Game -Ship- Ferris Fun Gif Cold First Snow Shawn Mendes MASTERLIST Imagines/Scenarios (M = Mature/Smut) (/M= Slight Smut) - EXO Chanyeol Fun (frat!au) Kyungsoo (D. Captain Boomerang • Saving your life. I catch him looking at me all the time now and he always smiles while talking to me and he is so funny just seeing him makes me smile. Deleting all comments because only in this site you will find people throwing shit at a 17 year old boy who has voluntarily fed 80'000 people by starting his own business because he has a very particular idea lf masculinity which happens to threat only people with paper feelings. ^ ask me anything about TMR~currently not taking ships~ mazerunnermovie follows writers: Scarlie, Ally, Andrea, Paige, Teresa and Bridget mobile masterlist My Masterlist A List of Prompts Awesome! Wow! My name is Emily, if you are truly curious. it'd fit most! masterlists for other idols/groups can be found here here. O. Not Today (TRIGGER WARNING) Ride (SMUT Masterlist (01. Death in Paradise Humphrey Goodman Imagine - You can’t sleep. 19. This is the second Masterlist page for Headcanons because the other is getting too full. Ask me things! Masterlist of Imagines and Fics So I decided to make a post of the fics and other junk that I write so I can keep track of it all. You can always send in request, but please take a look at the rules (for requesting) and fandoms I do(n't) do first! You can also take a look at my masterlist. If Tony Stark was going to go out, he was going to go out a hero. Personal blog: Jsupers. Mute. Writer ღ Dreamer ღ K-Pop Enthusiast ღ I like too many groups to pick a favorite, but Monsta X is pretty cool ღ Rules/Guidelines ღ Masterlist ღ My Beginners Guide To Monsta X Masterlist Welcome to my masterlist! Posted in order they were written (so newest will be towards the bottom) Concepts are shorter/bullet pointed style, imagines are full length one shots. Teen WolfIsaac Lahey Imagine:The Girl In The White Dress Part 2 Part 3 Because Of Me Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 If I Die Young Stiles masterlist All of my imagines in one little spot. My Masterlist A List of Prompts BTS As Youtubers BTS Reaction: You (S/O) taking care of them when they’re sick BTS As Things my Bff & I have said or done BTS Reaction: Going to a haunted house with you (New) Jun 18, 2017 · 13 Reasons Why - Imagines. masterlist newt “ Newt saves you from overly flirtatious Gladers. Only read if you are 18+. You listen to your crush sing for the last time. Text. Please read the guidelines before you request anything. Unknowing Bliss. Masterlist of Imagines Here is my masterlist of imagines! It is in alphabetical order by name. Click on the links below each image to be directed to the masterlist for their category! Masterlist Part One Masterlist - Young Justice/Holiday Imagines - Part One - 7/1/19 Part Two - Batman/Superman/Batfamily etc Imagines Young Justice Imagines Kaldur • Learning to Float • Medicine • Masterlist fandom list [[MORE]]13 Reasons Why The 100 American Horror Story Black Sails Bohemian Rhapsody Broadway Celebrities The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina The Greatest Showman Harry Potter The Masterlist One-shots“Beach Surprise - Finnick Odair - Hunger Games I´ll Fight - Achilles - Troy Insulting Compliment - Thranduil - The Hobbit Distraction - Gale Hawthrone - Hunger Games Biggest Fear - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. ( x ) -Jin being a semi sub. Carousel Part 1 Summary- Your 6 months summer program in NYADA definitely paid off since you ended up getting casted for the second season of Riverdale. Winter/Christmas 2017 Masterlist. Halloween 2019 Masterlist. Insensible to how the night will progress, y/n admits that the aftereffects Masterlist I keep getting asked for one so I decided I’d finally make one! You can click on any title and be brought to the imagine. Please tell me if one of the links doesn’t work! If you don’t see someone’s name, it’s because I haven’t gotten any requests to write about them yet! ☆ Masterlist ☆ Dec 14, 2017. Students Amajiki Tamaki first kiss s/o is stressed bc they have a presentation and hate public speaking first time (nsfw) Aoyama Yuga Ashido Mina Asui Masterlist Updated: 6/19/19 ———- [[MORE]]Headcanons: Batfam Headcanon 1 Batfam Headcanon 2 Batfam Headcanon 3 Headcanons About The Batfamily Batmom Killed by the Joker Kinks The Youngest Member What K-Pop Reactions, Scenarios, Imagines, etc. The Falling (MENTIONS EATING DISORDER) Waiting for the End Part 2. Hi loves!! Sorry I’ve been super inactive, life really gets in the way of my internet addiction!! But I just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS!! It means so much to me and I know it may not seem like a lot of people compared to some of the bigger blogs but I’ve never had this many followers on tumblr just based on my imagines and masterlist. masterlists masterlist imagines masterlist one-shot masterlist headcanons masterlist prompts masterlist prompt request masterlist marvel masterlist harry potter masterlist stranger things masterlist marvel imagines marvel x reader harry potter imagine harry potter x reader stranger things imagine stranger things x reader Masterlist I hope you enjoy my work so far. I try to be as educated of each era as I can in  27 Jun 2015 Masterlist Not sure what fandoms I write for? Check here xx The 100: Bellamy Blake - No Chance 'Privileged' Masterlist Peaky Blinders: Tommy  16 Oct 2017 Masterlist fandom list [[MORE]]13 Reasons Why The 100 American Horror Story Black Sails Bohemian Rhapsody Broadway Celebrities The  Masterlist Notice: NSFW fic is posted here, as well as on my Ao3 account, as tumblr sometimes flags erotica Meg | 23 | Multifandom fanfiction & imagines blog. • You’re going to want the masterlist to be compatible for web and mobile, without all the #masterlist #masterpost #all the imagines yay #imagines #imagine #oneshot #oneshots #fanfic #fanfics #fanfiction #tmr imagines #harry potter imagines #maze runner imagines #the outsiders imagines #supernatural imagines #phandom imagines #teen wolf imagines #tw imagines #merlin imagines #reader insert Got7 Masterlist REACTIONS:• His crush back-hugs them and tells them how much they mean to them • His s/o teases him with a lollipop while they’re at a fan sign • You two get interrupted during a Masterlist! “ Imagines! ” Suicide Squad • Joining the Squad • Being a Watcher, the squad needs you. I got annoyed with how I had my masterlists organized before, so now I have this. Have a great day, lovely! :3 Avengers Imagines. SERIES TAGLIST RULES!! Guidelines . First Crush Pt. Fandoms I Write For. Looks Can Be Deceiving 03. Edits & imagines master listStranger things MasterlistFantastic beasts and where to Masterlist Titles that aren’t linked are imagines that aren’t finished or aren’t published yet. Two — Batmom and Bruce have a daughter who’s the Here’s the masterlist of all my imagines! Imagines marked as * are smutty imagines! TV SHOWS: the runner ~ aaron hotchner (criminal minds) while under witness protection himself, aaron hotchner is tasked with looking after another witness with a history of escaping her handlers Masterlist Riverdale: FP Jones Messy Troubles Jughead Jones Blossom’s Secrets Snowflakes Messy Troubles Reggie Mantle Playbook Showing What’s Yours Cheater? Why Me? 2 The Party 2 3 Rock Bottom Me? MASTERLIST jinhwankenobi’s masterlist *requests open*- it’s a long ass list Bts:Imagines Reactions Scenarios/Drabbles Fake Texts MTL • MTL to date a Tomboy • Mtl To Date A ‘01 liner • Mtl To Date A Hey!! I went through your entire masterlist like something possessed and i loved every second of it!! I noticed that your requests are open and wanted to ask if you could write something angsty with a fluffy ending with Loki? I can't think of any specifics to give but i would just love to read some flangst!! I hope you have a great week! Masterlist “(COLE X READER) ” 1. Bucky Barnes x Reader Masterlist I’ll be updating this whenever I can with all the new imagines/preferences I post :-) Imagines Brad: Christmas Promise Ring Teasing Meeting His Family Moving In Disneyland Wedding Masterlist I’ll be updating this whenever I can with all the new imagines/preferences I post :-) Imagines Brad: Christmas Promise Ring Teasing Meeting His Family Moving In Disneyland Wedding Disney Descendants Imagines! This blog houses all of the little sparks of creativity I have from time to time // Requests for Prompts: Open // Requests for Imagines (DESCENDANTS): Closed at the moment but re-opening soon! My Masterlist Lives Here! Masterlist: Original Works“* : Works being made or in the process of being posted. ★ “ ONE SHOTS: ” DIVERGENT VIKINGS GAME OF THRONES MARVEL SUICIDE Aug 12, 2014 · Masterlist The Guitarist And His Melody - Luke Hemmings Fan Fiction TGAHM Masterlist Preferences Preference #1 - Late Night Phone Calls During Tour Preference #2 - Coming Home From During The Night Masterlist If you like my work, please consider buying me a coffee :) [[MORE]]TV ♥ Teen Wolf Slain (Reader x Isaac Lahey) Awkward (Reader x Scott McCall) Gifts (Reader x Isaac Lahey) Challenge Jan 18, 2019 · masterlist ♡ –tom holland imagines– Shyness - Reader is not comfortable with PDA in front of Tom’s family. Cat and Mouse. (Please don’t reblog anything, please tell me if any links are broken, please tell me if there’s anything missing that you think should be added). Nephilim (Teen Wolf and Riverdale) –Supernatural Imagines/Oneshots– Originally posted by sophie-in happy birthday to our dearest kim taehyung! thank you for being you and for being the embodiment of everything good in this world. This is a side tumblr for all my cliche romantic junk. You meet Henry's parents and spend   21 May 2018 michelle | 23 | kpop reader imagines | requests are closed. Steele Rose . Halloween 2018 Masterlist. thank u enjoy. Other masterlists can be found on this blog! Imagines Masterlist A/N: WARNING VERY CRINGY WRITINGS AHEAD Batfam Missed A Lot 1 2 Ticklish Flu Season Chocolate Mysteries Dyeing Hair Brother-In-Law Shattered Red Hood And The OutlawsMissed MASTERLIST ORIGINAL MASTERLIST: LAST UPDATED: 03/25/2018DRACO MALFOY: Draco x reader (fluff) Draco x reader (fight) Draco x reader (tension) Draco x reader (Harry?!) Imagines Masterlists Here are my masterlists for this blog! It’s time for better organization! • Fan-fictions Masterlist • TVD/TO Masterlist • Teen Wolf Masterlist • The Flash Masterlist • Jake Riley Masterlist - Masterlist Requests are currently open, you can requests anything. I’ll Always Think Of You (abuse tw, male!reader Masterlist I hope you enjoy my work so far. in his early Hey babes! I just found your account and fell in love with your writing. im back bts smut bts imagines bts masterlist bts smut angst bts angst MASTERLIST Yuri!! On Ice First Kiss Imagine - Viktor When you’re sick - JJ, Otabek, Leo, Seung-Gil Lee Celebrating your birthday with (most) of the skaters Uta No Prince SamaYour Zodiac Boyfriend - a/n: hi. The festive season can be one of complete chaos. You and Newt are dating, but Newt thinks you like Minho more than Jun 18, 2017 · Masterlist The imagines are ordered from oldest to newest. HeadCanons/ Would Includes: Being Steves Younger Sister would Include. . Both men almost died, both far stronger and larger then your husband. Originally posted by winston-wilson. From reindeer and dog hybrids, elves on the loose and a couple’s vacation gone wrong; to two enemies falling in love, long-awaited confessions of love and a single dad bringing his family together. pls treat her well. Currently reading: Elizabeth - Naomi Novik, 'Uprooted' Kezia - JK Rowling, 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' Link to Masterlist Main Masterlist General Batfam Some Things Never Change (Batmom x Jason Todd) — Batmom realizes Jason is alive. Over the past few months, my mental health has for sure taken a turn for the worst. I write imagines for 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale. Powered by Tumblr. Gally. The Mute Series: The series where Harry doesn’t talk and falls in love with you. Borrowed Time. I do have a masterlist! If you search the world masterlist on my blog, there are several posts I’ve made with links to it! <3 Fandom Imagines This is a page for imagines from various fandoms. this is also quite long, so I guess save this for later and read during that sweet spot in your life where you have all the time in the world. Last Updated 11/6/16 I Won’t Write About Some Stuff Au memes Dating Jack Gilinsky Dating Nash masterlist dunkirk peaky blinders sons of anarchy once upon a time teen wolf harry potter vampire diaries / originals 13 reasons why maze runner marvel divergent shadowhunters supernatural the 100 the Omg your advice worked ı tried to talk to him and he showed intrest. but don’t let an insta post’s like or absence of a like get to you - try talking more and/or snapping or texting him!! then you can get to hanging out face to face and see where it goes from there!!! human interaction is always best Due to my master list links breaking all the time, I have it broken in to 5 separate ones. I write for an odd string of shows/characters and would marry any of the men I write about in a heartbeat. Billy Hargrove. Lover . Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. Be patient and after a title is posted on the masterlist the story will be published shortly afterwards. Masterlist Jeff The Killer Almost Died Jane You Bitch I Know You Love Me Halloween I Want To Die Panic Attack Abusive Ex You’re Dating Who?! Different Anxiety How You Met Laughing Jack Abducted: Part Jul 29, 2016 · Masterlist. Can’t believe I finally got my life together and made one of these! I have a feeling that I’m going to have to start making separate masterlists for all the characters, but for now, this is where they shall stay! Requests are currently closed at this time (: x (*) indicates Imagines! Updated: 11/08/2019. IMAGINES MASTERLIST Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - accidental scare (Harvey) - shirtless and soaking wet (Nick) Dumplin’ - meeting Bo Greys Anatomy - on-call room (Alex) Lucifer - birthday Danganronpa Imagines REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!! We will do requests for any Danganronpa game, but if we are all uncomfortable with the request, we will not write it. Sep 06, 2019 · • We write for BTS, EXO, NCT, GOT7, Seventeen, and iKon • REQUESTS ARE CLOSED• IDOL KINKS ARE CLOSED • Do Not Repost My Work! | Mobile Masterlist | Mobile FAQ | Ao3 | | Meg | 23 | Multifandom fanfiction & imagines blog. there’s a part in the book where bill points out richie and ben as the two smartest members of the losers. Hey, welcome to my blog! I write imagines and ships, make mood boards and social media imagines. One • First Crush Pt. Series  4 Apr 2019 Welcome to my drabbles, imagines and headcanons masterlist, where things range from 100 to 1000 words and everything's out of order. Anything you can imagine. Jul 06, 2018 · Lord of the Rings Masterlist Updated: July 6th 2018 Includes The Hobbit Mini-Shots labeled MS [[MORE]]Eomer • You Are Bound to Me • Wedding Dance • I Beg Your Pardon • Your Majesty • Apricots • ( requests open for all MCU characters and their respective actors ) *** all reader inserts are written without any specific character distinction, with the exception of gender, so any reader, regardless of race, appearance, background, nationality, etc. com/tagged/jon-snow-headcanon Lewis Nixon Distractions Apr 10, 2017 · Masterlist Updated ( December 2019) Filed under imagine imagines castiel imagines ashton irwin imagine ashtonfletcherirwinimagine We love Tumblr & Stationery Heya guys! It's Cam, from Chris-Evans-Imagines! I noticed that my masterlist was getting hella long, so I made this blog in order to sort all of that out! All of my masterlists will be compiled here, 14 Oct 2018 Here's a Masterlist where you will be able to find all the imagines I've written for this blog: One shots, series, requests, and other imagines I'm  Poe Dameron Imagines Masterlist. MASTERLIST TELEVISION/MOVIES Shameless Lip Gallagher imagines: Gallagher’s Good Girl (2) (Part three coming soon) Carl Gallagher Imagines The Gallagher Way Teen Wolf Derek Hale Imagines: Kidnapped Girlfriend of the Town Shut In (2) …. 398 notes Masterlist Riverdale Masterlist Riverdale Riverdale Imagines Riverdale Imagine Sweet Pea Imagines Jellybean Jones I really am super sorry about that. HOW TO MAKE A MASTERLIST okay here we go kiddiewinks you are about to get schooled in the art of masterlists. ) Mine - VIXX Ravi (M) Hongbin Chained Up (M) - BTS Taehyung Birthday Surprise ft. 4. Humphrey Goodman Imagine - You fall while chasing a Imagines from a girl with a big imagination I write Supernatural, Marvel, and Game of Thrones Feel free to ask questions, send requests, or just talk to me in general! :) Requests are open! I also do ships and drabbles With Love, Kat Masterlist. Minho. You wake up to the rhythmic sound of the EEG, bright lights surrounding you. Michael Langdon Series (18 Months and Hell’s Only Angel) My Imagines on @imagineaworlds. I don’t write NSFW, I will reject asks if I’m not comfortable with them. Autumn/Halloween 2017 Masterlist. Captain Gally (SMUT) All Fun and Games. Second Chances. 0k & counting :) MASTERLIST Masterlist! (I’m not content with how I had to deal with the master list but it’s the only way since I’ve wrote a lot of scenarios since 2014. (fluff) Big white sharks - Reader and Tom go to the beach while they stay in Hawaii. The collective masterlist of all the fics included in my Rewind series. I haven't made a masterlist in a while and some people have asked for one!! image. You’re Coming Home with Me (Cheryl x Jughead) Cheryl didn’t mean to find him. But i have almoat 50 imagines halfway done and yours and anothers ship plus im working on 2 series that i havent posted about yet cause i want to have multiple chapters before posting the first. tumblr. tumblr imagines masterlist